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About Coco Shoes

✅Cocoshoes company profile

Coco shoes was founded in 2011. The company now has more than 300 employees. Cocoshoes is the foundry of many brands such as Nike, Adiads, Dunk, Jordan, Balaciga, Dior etc.
Coco Shoes are called coco kicks and coco sneakers by many people. Both cocokicks and coco sneakers imitate Coco Shoes. The product quality and customer service of Coco Shoes are the best. Cocoshoes focuses on creating a new generation of trendy shopping official website, providing consumers with a trendy online shopping experience.

✅Coco shoes Features
● Packaging assistance, 1:1 ultimate experience
Shipped with a shoe box, with all the accessories that are officially released and related accessories from Stockx. Create the most authentic genuine official shopping experience.
Coco Shoes is the first choice website for the operation and sale of re-engraved versions of first-line big names and trendy brands. Cocoshoes is the foundry of Nike, Adiads, Dunk, Jordan, Balaciga, Dior and other brand series in China.
Cocoshoes has a professional research team and hundreds of production lines. It has the productivity of the top ten shoe factories in China.
Cocoshoes currently has thousands of shoes on sale. Has a variety of rare sneaker styles. Regardless of peak season or not, our productivity can keep up with customer demand, so Cocoshoes will not deliberately raise prices.
Cocoshoes is committed to allowing users who love cocoshoes to buy the highest quality shoes at the lowest price. Perform a 1:1 restore of the higher version. Have the most authentic sneaker experience. At the same time, cooshoes will launch various first-line brands in advance about the shoes that are waiting for sale in the market. Please pay attention to the cocoshoes new product recommendation column.

● Delivery after identification

Coco Shoes attaches great importance to the strict control of the quality of each pair of shoes. After the customer places an order, the quality inspection department of cocoshoes will fully check the quality of the shoes, and complete the shooting of QC pictures (Quality control photos) within 1-3 working days, and contact the confirmation inspection to ensure that the shoes received by each customer are perfect of. Bring the most extreme experience to customers. Let customers buy the highest quality perfect replica sports shoes in Coco Shoes and enjoy the best shopping service at the same time.

● Give you 100% security
Coco Shoes has the most complete compensation terms. Cocoshoes customer service tracks the package delivery throughout the process until the customer confirms the satisfactory receipt of the goods. You can also contact customer service through WhatsApp or Instagram at any time to efficiently answer your doubts. At present, cocoshoes purchase customer experience has 98% five-star praise rate.

✅ Cocoshoes Honor
● Coco Shoes, Coco Sneakers, Coco Kicks and other major communities have more than 600k fans in total. Exchange consumption experience for the same hobbies, and pursue a more pleasant consumption experience.
● Cocoshoes 2022 Christmas/Black Friday website has more than 10,000 pageviews per minute. Cocoshoes thanks every customer for their loyal love.
● Cocoshoes has been ranked among China's top ten shoe production factories for five consecutive years. It is one of the top five advanced technology production pioneer factories in China.

Cocoshoes future development trend
The cocokicks module is coming soon. These include cocokicks free shipping, cocokicks accessories and cocoshoes membership three modules. cocokicks accessories including (cocokicks SupBro, cocokicks shoelace, cocokicks stocking etc)