Jordan 1 Retro High

There are 3 categories of Air Jordan 1 Reps, namely Jordan 1 Retro High Reps, Jordan 1 Mid Reps, Jordan 1 Low Reps, among which Jordan 1 High Reps is the most classic and most popular style.

Why is there a Jordan 1 High Reps Shoes?

Because when Jordan wore the first colorway of the AJ1 to play on NBA courts, it was destined to kick off a new sneaker trend. However, the production quantity of Jordan 1 is limited, and many people who like it can't buy the real Jordan 1, so they have the Jordan 1 High Reps. Later, everyone called it Reps Shoes.

Cocoshoes is the foundry of Jordan 1, with its own factory, formal manufacturing technology and raw materials. In making Jordan Reps, the materials used are all 1:1 quality and formal craftsmanship. It can be said that the Jordan 1 High Reps is no different from the Real Jordan 1, it is really perfect.

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