Balenciaga Track

In 1917, Cristòbal Balenciaga's founded the Blenciaga fashion house in Spain. Since its inception, Balenciaga has been leading the fashion trend. In 1937, Cristòbal Balenciaga's opened a fashion house in Paris. The first overhaul achieved amazing success and was called a "fashion innovator" by the media. in 1968,Cristòbal Balenciaga’s plus closed all fashion houses. It was not until 2001 that the door of fashion was reopened, which once again established Balenciaga as the most influential brand in the world.

Balenciaga as status of one of the powerful fashion brands. Balenciaga's shoes always impress people with its unmatched design style and strong visual impact. Balenciaga is a brand that is very popular among young people. Balenciaga Track series puts the concept of the brand at the top, and embeds the product in a more and more subtle way, highlighting the uniqueness of the product and bringing a hit effect, for example, it was once a smash hit The Balenciaga Triple S and Balenciaga Track are good examples.

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