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What is BAPE?

BAPE is a famous street fashion brand born in Harajuku, Japan. Its full name is "A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water", which means "A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water". In the Chinese-speaking area, it is called "ape-man head", also known as Anyi ape. Bape uses shark as its logo and street culture as its foundation, integrating Japanese street elements and European and American street styles. It is deeply loved by young people for its unique brand concept and design style. The Bape Shark Hoodie is one of the star products of this brand.

Two notable features of Bape Shark Hoodie:

In 1994, BAPE founder Nigo went to the United States and discovered that many American fashion brands like to add camouflage elements into their brand designs. This gave him great inspiration, and the idea of ​​combining the ape head with camouflage gradually formed in his mind. He drew inspiration from military camouflage from various countries and added his own ideas and designs, making more and more camo camouflage available, and it became a classic once it was released.

Shark hat
The camouflage was sampled from the military, and the shark mouth was also sampled from the "American Volunteer Brigade to Aid China" that the United States supported China in World War II. The shark pattern they painted on their fighter jets was to tell the enemy, "I am right here."  come if you can!"

If the distinctive shark pattern blatantly tells the enemy of its existence, then the camo camouflage has both a strong combat DNA derived from the military and a low-key calmness that makes it invisible.

The Bape Shark Hoodie uses a unique shark head logo, combined with Bape's unique camouflage elements, to create a highly recognizable design style. This design concept makes Bape Shark Hoodies not only fashionable, but also practical.

As a trendy item, Bape Shark Hoodies are highly sought after in the market. It is not only popular among young people, but also favored by celebrities and fashionistas. Whether attending a party, music festival or everyday wear, the Bape Shark Hoodie can make you the center of attention.

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