Mihara Yasuhiro

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  • As a designer of maison mihara yasuhiro, Mihara Yasuhiro began to study painting since he was a child and graduated from the famous Tama Art Academy in Japan. This not only developed his artistic acumen, but also developed his unique personal style. He integrated modern technology with traditional handicrafts, which not only broke the secular framework, but also made his name. In 1997, he officially established the eponymous brand Mihara Yasuhiro.Maison mihara yasuhiro's creative concept is "Sublime Meets Ridiculous", which is "the combination of the sublime and the ridiculous."With this concept in mind, the miharayasuhiro series of dissolving shoes was born. The special midsole of miharayasuhiro dissolving shoes is visually eye-catching, and the overall shoe body also increases the sense of weight. It perfectly matches the oversize outfits and wide-leg pants that have been popular in recent years.Therefore, it has become the favorite shoe of many travelers!

  • The pair of maison mihara yasuhiro peterson that Cocoshoes brings to you today is a pair of classic shoes from the miharayasuhiro series. The design of maison mihara yasuhiro peterson is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship, blended with modern fashion elements, and perfectly blends retro and modern. The unique materials and exquisite workmanship all demonstrate the persistent pursuit of quality. 
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