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Cocoshoes, a replica shoes brand derived from traditional craftsmanship and modern design, has always been committed to bringing unique replica shoes choices to consumers. Today, Cocoshoes specially recommends a pair of unique replica Off-White Out of Office OOO Low Tops Triple White. Next, let us get closer to Off-White, understand the story of this brand, and feel the charm of this brand.

OFF WHITE Brand Story 

Off-White is an Italian street fashion brand and luxury brand founded by American designer Virgil Abloh in Milan, Italy in 2013. Virgil Abloh stunned everyone with his urban luxury style, and "interpreted contemporary fashion in an elegant way", designing one highly sought after piece after another.

Virgil Abloh's founding of Off-White is also an interesting story.

Virgil Abloh was originally a top student majoring in architecture. As a hobby, he and his friends built a forum where they often chatted about "design" and "fashion" with others, and thus embarked on the path of fashion. In 2002, Virgil Abloh became the creative consultant of Kanye's "Donda" team. In 2009, he opened a fashion brand buyer store in Chicago. Not long after the store opened, he launched his first original fashion brand, Pyrex Vision. In 2003, he was dissatisfied with the current situation and discontinued Pyrex Vision, and then Off-White was born.

Lyst, a global fashion search platform, released its third quarter report on the world's top fashion brands in October 2018. Topping the list is Off-White, which moved up from second place last quarter to first place. In the first quarter of 2019, the brand managed by Virgil Abloh defeated luxury brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Valentino and Fendi in this ranking, reaching the top again after the third quarter of 2018.

Features of Off-White Out of Office series

Virgil Abloh wanted to present a tennis shoes that combines the aesthetics of the 1980s and 1990s while being suitable for everyday wear. And so the "Out of Office" sneakers were born. Out of Office, as the name suggests, Virgil Abloh said it is a casual sneaker that can be worn outside the office scene, and is intended to take everyone away from the boring life.

As a classic of Off-White, the Out of Office series uses calf leather and is decorated with crossed arrows on the shoes body. It combines retro and modern elements and is uniquely charming. On the basis of maintaining the essence of the original design, exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials are incorporated to make it more modern and practical.

From the popular big slash element in the early stage to the simple and straightforward Out of Office cross arrow series in the later stage, Virgil Abloh not only completed the transformation from "street" to "fashion", but also closely grasped the consumer psychology of the current crowd, and in thousands of In an era when the Millennium generation is the main consumer, people need unconventional designs and concepts to highlight their individual characteristics, and Off-White's Out of Office series undoubtedly caters to the era's call for individual youth to a certain extent.

Recommendation from best replica shoes website Cocoshoes - Off-White Out of Office OOO Low Tops Triple White

As a leading brand in street fashion, Off-White's designs always lead the trend and become the focus of everyone's pursuit. The Out of Office OOO Low Tops Triple White recommended by Cocoshoes today is another masterpiece of Off-White. Cocoshoes hopes that this pair of classic shoes will be reborn and continue to accompany the new generation of fashion lovers through every wonderful moment.

This pair of replica shoes comes from Off-White's "Out of Office" series. The designer hopes that through this shoes, the wearer can get rid of the busy work and life pressure, rediscover the connection with nature, and enjoy freedom and comfort. Therefore, this pair of shoes is made of comfortable and breathable calf leather material to create a light and breathable shoes. Cocoshoes also hopes that everyone can feel the breath of nature while walking.

The Off-White Out of Office OOO Low Tops Triple White reproduced by Cocoshoes is not much different in appearance from the original. It also has a dazzling outsole, classic hollow toe and upper design. The entire pair of shoes adopts a low-cut silhouette, and is made of calf leather as a whole, with simple color accents. The soles are made of gel inlays, and the transparent effect on the sides has a retro-vibe visual effect. The heel is printed with the Off-White logo, white lace-up shoelaces, and the body of the shoe is decorated with a retro and unique cross-arrow logo, highlighting the unique characteristics of Out of Office. Wear this Off-White Out of Office sports-style replica shoes from Cocoshoes to create a look outside the office and make you Out of Office.

Although they are replica shoes, Cocoshoes adheres to a customer-first service attitude and strives to find the best quality. , from the stitching of the upper to the polishing of the sole, every aspect shows Cocoshoes persistent pursuit of quality. After our layers of screening, this replica Off-White Out of Office OOO Low Tops Triple White from Cocoshoes can be compared with the original in terms of texture and workmanship, and it is a 1:1 replica. In addition to superior materials and craftsmanship, this pair of Cocoshoes replica shoes also retains its classic charm in design. Off-White's iconic design language is perfectly presented on this shoe. Simple lines and trendy color combinations make this shoe a new favorite in the fashion circle. Whether worn with jeans or casual pants, these shoes can add a sense of irreverent charm to you.

Cocoshoes recommends this replica Off-White Out of Office OOO Low Tops Triple White, which is not only a tribute to the classic design, but also an expectation for future trends. It is for this reason that Cocoshoes has been committed to bringing more classic replica shoes that are worthy of collection for shoe fans. Every pair of replica shoes from Cocoshoes is full of memories of the trend of the times. "Out of Office" with Cocoshoes, escape from boring life and enjoy the breath and freedom of nature!

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