Rick Owens

Rick Owens reps shoes are coming!

Cocoshoes, the new choice of reps shoes, leads the new trend. Today, Cocoshoes is going to bring you a dark gothic style reps shoes - Rick Owens.

Rick Owens is the designer of his namesake brand. Rick Owens founded the brand in Los Angeles in 1994 and began to rise in 2001.

Sneakers are an important and rich product line of Rick Owens. People tend to label Rick Owens as avant-garde, making such dark gothic designers stand on the opposite side of practicality and functionality. However, by combing through his series of shoe designs, it is not difficult to find that Rick Owens has always been involved in sneaker design. Maintain a sense of practicality. He upgrades and transforms ready-made products to bring freshness to evergreen models. He is deeply influenced by postmodern creative techniques and adapts to the current world with the theme of sustainable development invisibly. This is consistent with Rick Owens. The apocalyptic theme depicted in the design fits perfectly.

While cooperating with other brands, Rick Owens has launched a large number of practical sports shoes, but there are also staggering avant-garde designs such as hoof-shaped split soles, exaggerated geometric tongues, and Velcro sandals. We can also see Rick Owens' unique shoe design aesthetics. The iconic and complex star-shaped upper straps, double stitching on the sole, and side metal zippers corresponding to the shoe buckles have an exaggerated and grotesque style language.

In recent years, Rick Owens has gradually matured, whether it is a shoe series or a joint series. Rick Owens has always been able to use a distinctive design style to subvert the traditional framework of luxury sneakers. In addition to retaining their 'practical value', they more perfectly demonstrate a dark avant-gardism.

The Rick Owens reps shoes launched by Cocoshoes not only perfectly restore the classic elements of the original shoes in appearance, but also upgrade and optimize the materials and craftsmanship, making each pair of reps shoes as exquisite as works of art. Choosing Cocoshoes' Rick Owens reps shoes means that you not only have a pair of shoes of excellent quality, but also can show your own unique taste and style. Whether you are walking in the streets or attending various fashion parties, Rick Owens reps shoes can make you the center of attention.

If you are a fashionista who loves unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship, then you must not miss CocoshoesRick Owens reps shoes sales event. In addition to Rick Owens reps shoes, Cocoshoes also provides reps shoes from many other brands, covering sports shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes and other fields. No matter what kind of style lover you are, you can find the shoes that suit you at Cocoshoes. Now, you can find these limited edition, high-quality reps shoes on Cocoshoes and experience the charm of the Rick Owens brand. Come and join this fashion feast, experience Rick Owenss unbridled creativity, and let your steps reflect your personality and style!


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