Balenciaga Track.2

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Balenciaga Brand:

Balenciaga was founded in 1919 in San Sebastian, Spain, and based in Paris, France. The Spanish Civil War forced it to close shop and moved to Paris.

Balenciaga opened his Parisian fashion house under George Vin in August 1937. Balenciaga's first fashion show in Paris featured designs heavily influenced by the Spanish Renaissance. Within two years Balenciaga's success was immediate. Christian Dior called it the commander of the fashion band, which shows that Balenciaga leads the innovation of fashion trends in the 20th century. During World War II, many fans ventured to Europe just to see Balenciaga's designs.

Balenciaga Track.2 Shoes:

Although Balenciaga clothing design can be said to be star-studded, there has been controversy over the shoe design of Balenciaga chunky sneakers such as the Blenciaga 3XL Sneakeres and Balenciaga Triple S ETC. It is precisely because of this that Balenciaga has formed a unique trendy style. But for the Banlenciaga Track.2 it is indeed consistently considered mastery.

Balenciaga Track.2 was recently launched in June 2019. This iteration adheres to the concept of simplicity and complexity, with 176 parts making up the Blaneciaga Track.2 shoes under the seemingly minimalist appearance.  Balenciaga Track.2 has the extremely cage-like upper of the Balenciaga Track series, the source of reinforcement and the rope laces are based on the essence of the first generation and are designed to be perfect. The Balenciaga Track.2 is available in three distressed colorways: Multi-Tone White, Multi-Tone Black and Color Block Shadow. Balenciaga Track.2 is thicker and more exaggerated in color than the BalenciagaTrack series.

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